Monday, May 19, 2008

One day, I'm gonna podcast this stuff.

A year or so ago, my wife and I were thinking of starting our own podcast. I listen to several and I think she might like one or two as well. We got as far as buying a cheap microphone and downloading some appropriate software, but everthe caveman, I couldn't figure out the simple software and we never really got going. It's probably just as well as we never really figured out what we wanted our podcast to be about in the first place.

Anyway, one of my fave podcasts is one called Blarm! and it is hosted by a lovely lady who goes by the name of Wankergirl. (I'm pretty sure she answers to Dana as well.) Some good news from her tonight is that she recently wrote a short piece for an alt-weekly in the St. Johns area called The Scope. Like so many of us would like to be, she is now a published author. (Yay, Dana!) The subject of her piece? How to start your own podcast.

Maybe one day, Paige and I will think of something cool, informative, or funny to talk about and we'll become filthy, rich podcasters like my heroes, Dawn and Drew. Until then, I'll continue on with this blog and keep listening to those tech savvy folks with their microphones on.


Stushie said...

I downloaded the Audacity program which is very easy recording software and absolutely free. There's a section on it in the great book, Podcasting for Dummies, which I also think is an ideal investment. Then you can upload your podcasts to for a very reasonable monthly fee.

If you want to see and hear the results ( all complete with a Scottish accent) go to my podcast at

chez béziat said...

stushie: Thanks for the info. I've subscribed to your podcast and am enjoying listening to your words.

Have a nice day.


drew said...

i don't know about rich, but we sure are filthy sometimes ;)

chez béziat said...

drew: Your comment made my day. Of course, sitting here post-vasectomy with a bag of peas on my crotch, it doesn't take much to make this day. :)

Love your show. Best of luck with the new "independent" production. (Barback's rock!)