Monday, May 19, 2008

Just Looking For A Hit

Sasha Frere-Jones worries that there is no awesome summer pop song waiting for us this year. He's concerned that there is nothing poised to reign at the top of Top 40 radio playlists that Top 40 fans can embrace and non-Top 40 music listeners can call their guilty pleasure. He asks, "Where are the singles? Where is ‘Crazy In Love’? Where is ‘Since U Been Gone’? Where is ‘Hey Ya’?”

Another excerpt:
Pop songs should be happy, and proliferating like liberated little algae. Are we all hanging on Usher’s abs? Chris Martin’s stubble? Dwayne Carter’s, um, chains? The Jonas Brothers? (Why did we take Hanson for granted?) Where is the song that can slow down time and make us like the fact that Top 40 plays the same hits over and over?
It's my opinion that "Clumsy" by Fergie, had it not been released way back in September of 2007, would have been that perfect breezy summer hit. I only discovered it a few months ago (terrific video!) and it's hardly left my mind's library of hummable tunes since.

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