Saturday, May 10, 2008

Garrett Parris

My friend Corey has been listening to a great local country & western (emphasis on western) artist named Garrett Parris lately. He played me a few songs by him the other night and I really liked what I heard. Lots of interesting and clever wordplay with a lot of heart and beauty. He let me borrow the CD a few days back and I still haven't found (or made?) the time to sit back and enjoy it from start to finish.

You know how it is. Long hours at work, getting home late, getting up early with a feverish kiddo, etc. I'll try to listen to it in its entirety soon. Meanwhile, go to Corey's site and watch a video of Garrett performing at Corey's Kentucky Derby Party. It's good stuff.

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cirquebassist said...

I played with Garrett at the Mgm grand theme park in Las Vegas. I havent heard from him since he moved to Nashville. but sure would like to if you know how to reach him.
If you can check out the c.d heartbreak station..good suff.
Last time he e-mailed me I was still in Vegas looking for a venue to play at. His e-mail read..oh I thought I told you I was moving to Nashville..ooops. too funny.
Good music and plus he's a great guy. Thanks.