Friday, May 30, 2008


My first taste of honeysuckle was as a kid on my grandparents' farm in Hartsville, TN. I recently came across more on a walk on the Greenway by my home. I let my kiddos try some. One liked it and the other wasn't about to put her mouth on some plant. I tried a taste myself and couldn't believe how minuscule the drop of honey was. When I was little, I swear there was so much more of it there to taste.

I guess they just don't make honeysuckle like they used to.

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peach said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm a city girl, but my grandparents lived in the middle of nowhere (literally...there is a street in Athens named Nowhere) and spending the summers at their house "drinking" honeysuckle and picking blackberries was the life!! I've been loving driving around with the top down and having the smell of honeysuckle be all around me, everywhere I go.

Jules said...

Sample the aroma of real jasmine. Honeysuckle used to be my #1, 'til I went to Augusta, GA this May and spent time with my favorite aunt and uncle. Wait, not trying to be a one upper here. My apologies.

The aunt and uncle have birdfeeders, too. After seeing a cardinal in their Utopian backyard, I was promptly told that in the South they were "redbirds".

Real Live Lesbian said...

Gorgeous photo! That's funny...I remember them as being fantastically loaded with sweet honey! My backyard is full of them and their smell is intoxicating!