Thursday, October 16, 2008

If I was in New York...

In the Night Life listings in this week's New Yorker there is the most interesting photo of French singer Emilie Simon. Her hair is long and dark, her gown is both simple and elegant, the backdrop is a very sexy red, and on her arm is, well, a musical instrument made just for her which looks appears to be disguised as a leather armband. The photo, assuming The New Yorker and the photographer don't mind, is below.


She is playing each Wednesday at the Cutting Room through October 22. I'd be there to hear her if I could. I just may share something from her for Feel Good Friday tomorrow. My French kick continues.


Anonymous said...

new yorker probably doesn't mind, but as a fellow photographer i say the photographer might. Whose image is it? After all, you are posting about the photograph, aren't you?

chez b├ęziat said...

Good point. I'm asking his permission now and will take it down if that's what he wants. Thanks for the comment.

I've edited to add his name and a link to his site.

Anonymous said...

howdy there brother.

i like her very much! im generally into pop music that is tweaked and a little off center. mmmm off center.....
her arm vocal effects instrument is bad ass! if i had money id probably make the drive to check her out and id record it and give you all the juicy details.

ps did i leave an ac adaptor at yr place? its for my external hard drive.