Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Yes We Can

Dukakis once. Clinton twice. Gore once. Kerry once.

I feel like I've been an adult for so long, and yet I've only experienced five presidential elections since being old enough to vote. I'm batting under .500 in voting for the winners. Let's hope that this cycle raises my percentage a bit.

I almost missed out this time. Since moving back to Davidson County from Rutherford, I only just yesterday got my registration in. That was the last day I could have done it or I would have been ineligible. Tennessee tends to go Republican so I don't feel my absence would have been too significant, however, I would have been a bit sick missing out on exercising that little right of mine.

It's a big night for the candidates and a proud night for Nashville. I'm looking forward to watching tonight's Town Hall debate at Belmont University. Well, I've got tickets to see Sweeney Todd, so I'll catch the debate when I get home afterward.

My buddy Corey at Webbspun Ideas would like to welcome both candidates to our fair city. Heeeere's Corey.

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