Thursday, October 16, 2008

What he doesn't know is that really I'm afraid of his mom.

I said, "Josh, when my favorite team plays against your mom's favorite team on Saturday, Mommy and I will be rooting for different teams."

"What if Momma's team beats your team?"

"Well, I guess I won't be her friend anymore."

Laughing he offered, "You're just kidding, 'cause you two are in love."

He knows it.

Still... Go Dores!!

Saturday, 11:30 CST

No. 22 Vanderbilt at No. 10 Georgia


Paige said...

As it should be. Heehee!!

Love you honey! Just not so much on this one day of the year! ;-)

LeBlanc said...

I'll love ya, bro (err, in a hetero-sports kinda way!). Go 'Dores!

Anonymous said...

Wait'll next year, Charlie Brown

--Vanderbilt, Class of 1968

peach said...

LOL! I am so laughing my butt off right now. Out of the mouths of babes...:)