Sunday, October 05, 2008


I now know that it takes 15 minutes to walk from my workplace to the closest liquor store.

The Mark West Pinot Noir that a friend recommended is very good. Straight from the bottle. Bukowski would be proud. Pinot for the people!

Vandy is a force to be reckoned with. I'm thinking they won for MonsterMash40. She was there and she cheered and they won. It's just that simple.

My wife and kids are in beautiful Sunbright, TN. I am not. My wife and kids are awesome and I miss them.

Went to Schermerhorn Symphony Center to see McCoy Tyner the other night. It was wonderful. Except for the vertigo. For most of the show, I fought through it and sat in my chair by the railing and tried to ignore the part of me that was freaking out. It was finally too much to bear and I moved to an empty seat farther from the stage but so much better for my, um, condition. McCoy Tyner was wonderful. Big thanks to my pop for buying me the ticket. It made for a great night out.

John McCain is apparently a maverick. George Bush is the kind of guy you'd like to drink a beer with. Your president shouldn't necessarily be a guy you'd like to drink a beer with. Your president shouldn't necessarily be a maverick.

My dad treated me to dinner at Hot Kabob's on White Bridge Road Friday night. The salmon kabob with rice was out of this world. Go, spend little, eat big. Hot Kabob's.

I've got a photo shoot for a friend Tuesday. I'm nervous as hell about it. Friends and family compliment my photography often, but it's so much easier to point the camera at a building or at oneself than at a person who's counting on big success with each click. I like her and she likes me so that should help. Still, I'm stressing. It's what I do. Yay, stress! She's beautiful. I hope I catch that with my camera. Her beautiful roommate is along for the ride. Great. Nothing like the pressure of being both a good photographer and a cool dude to make my Tuesday full of awesomeness. (I'm gonna pretend I'm Chris Wage and hope that the magic happens.)

For some, tipping the kind and helpful bellman is standard operating procedure. For others, saying, "I don't have any cash on me. You know how it is," is good enough. I dedicate my current financial situation to others.

No proofreading tonight. Opera on my TV, Mark West Pinot West in my belly, rap music from the parking lot outside my window. It's all good. It's a blog. It makes me smile.


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

There's an opera out on the turnpike, a ballet down in the alley....

Hey, your family misses you too. You will do GREAT on the photo shoot, relax, do what you do, it will be great.

monstermash said...

1. Glad you got your wine
2. Cute that you drank it from the bottle
3. Cuter that you broke up two paragraphs about Friday night with a political jab
4. Good Luck @'ll be great and make her look better than ever

Gnightgirl said...

Now I have to look for that wine.

I don't take too many portraits of people either, but the best I've ever taken is when I'm asked. Having someone roll with "Let's try this," or "how about here?" is great fun. Having a willing participant makes a huge difference.

Knock yourself out, and I'm crossing my fingers that your subject will let you post the best of what you get.

Bridgett said...

If I call myself a candy bar but look and smell like a turd, is the act of labeling myself enough to make me a candy bar? (Maverick, not so much.) And anyhow, wouldn't it be nice if the strongest thing you could say about a candidate is "wow, he's erratic!"

Yes, that wine is a good one.

peach said...

Try not to stress yourself out too much about your shoot. Fred always gets a little nervous before his photo shoots too. His pics always turn out great and I know yours will too.

Thanks for the heads up on the pinot. I shall have to locate a bottle of my own.

newton said...

crane lake pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon are both fantastic and can be yours for a mere 5.99/bottle.

hooray for cheap wine!!!

S said...

I don't talk wine.
But sometimes if I can't find my shot glass...I sip from the Gentleman Jack bottle... argh!

Miss you. Hope all is well. Hope you enjoyed your time alone. And your photos are going to be find.

He he, smooth political jab, sir! Well done.

S said...