Thursday, January 08, 2009

Feel Good Friday: The Neighborhood of Twitter

On a peaceful Thursday evening, I sat before my laptop listening to French pop songs on my iPod trying to decide whether or not to post a video for Feel Good Friday. I was considering the lovely Arielle Dombasle when I found inspiration via Twitter.

A user who goes by the name The Jazz Avenger posed a question to his followers and got a reply with a very Feel Good story:
Yesterday I asked for some suggestions for under-appreciated jazz greats. @chrisphillip25 suggests Johnny Costa

He was called "The White Art Tatum," Johnny Costa, and you can hear utterly amazing dexterity and speed in those fingers.

He could have been a big star, and toured the world. But? He didn't.

Well he did travel, but he couldn't take it, couldn't take the time away from his family.

So he returned to Pittsburgh, which was his home town. And who should he meet but a guy named Fred.

And this guy Fred wants to work in television but for the strangest reason. He hates television. Makes perfect sense right?

Well Fred last name, it turns out is Rogers. And he's starting out a TV show called "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood" this is for children.

And Johnny Costa, one of the most brilliant and talented piano players ever known becomes the musical director of that show in 1966.

And will remain in that position for the remainder of his life.

Here's Johnny Costa playing the opening credits to "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood" Does his playing sound familiar now?

So does that story make you happy or what?

Very cool. Not being familiar with Johnny Costa, I loved learning about him bit by bit as the tweets of info came in one by one to my phone.

So now I have my Feel Good Friday for you. And I recommend following The Jazz Avenger to you jazz-loving Twitter folks.

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Squirrel Queen said...

Great story. Thanks for sharing it this morning.