Wednesday, January 14, 2009

La Boheme

I'm really looking forward to seeing La Boheme presented by Nashville Opera. The date is for April 17, but there could be a problem. Our baby Samantha is due right around that time. It's actually more likely that she'll be born—induced, due to her mom's gestational diabetes—no later than the 15th, but you just never know.

I'm guessing quite the opera could be written about the aftermath of a man's choice to actually attend one instead of being by his wife's side during childbirth. No worries there. I'm a smarter man than that.


monstermash said...

I had tickets to the Eagles back in '95. I don't normally go to concerts at all, but had to see them. They then had to change the date of the concert and I had just had DearLovely. I couldn't leave him, so my brother got the tickets.

Paige said...

monstermash: Now if it were Bon Jovi I'd have to leave the little one. ROFLMAO Heck, I'm going all the way to New Jersey to see them at 7 months pg. Yes, I'm nuts. I realize this!!