Monday, January 05, 2009



monstermash said...

You've done nothing to help me with my oyster cravings.

Paige said...

monstermash: You have those too? I LOVE oysters. We will have to go get some!! Damn, I want some NOW!!! LOL

r3 said...

Find any pearls?

Melissa said...

everyone else saw yum, but I saw eww and hoped for sarcasm. lol.

chez bez said...

I should have added that I personally do not like oysters. So my title was a bit lazy. I just liked the photo. :)

r3: Sadly, no pearls. Maybe I just got there too late.

melissa: Right there with ya. Ewwww. Definitely sarcasm on my part.

monstermash said...

My brother used to be in the Navy and was stationed in Florida.

He would save his leave so that he could be home for the month including Thanksgiving and Christmas.

He got an oyster craving so bad that he jumped in his car, drove to Florida, got a bag of fresh oysters, and drove right back.

That was the first time I had oysters :)