Monday, January 12, 2009

Pictures at Chez Bez

It wasn't that long ago when all pictures of this little guy were baby pictures. Now, introducing...homework!

Apparently, a Candyland piece got a bit drunk and wandered into the Hungry Hungry Hippos play area. Not good. Not good.

Um, me.


Anonymous said...

please tell the candyland piece to
stop getting drunk and getting into
the Hungry Hungry Hippo area. looks
as if he's getting squished!
Joshua's writing is very good; tell
him that i'm very proud of him. your handwriting on the other hand
is looking very good also - almost
as good as Joshua's. mom and weezie
wrote almost exactly alike; guess
you and Joshua will be the same!
lots of love - mom

The Old Man and His Dog said...

It's a bit scarier when Barbie ends up in GI Joe's camp. Especially since most Barbie's live their lives naked after about an hour out of the box.

chez bez said...

Old Man: Ha! Good point.

monstermash said...

Your Mom is MUCH more rated G about the whole candyland/hungry hippo situation than I am. So to keep your "family site" rating, I'm pleading the 5th on this comment ;)

Anonymous said...

We just gave The Boy Hungry Hippo for his birthday. He loves it. I was in the door two seconds today when he asked me if we could play the hippo game.