Thursday, January 01, 2009

Regarding Dexter

I want to thank Leesa for turning me on to the awesomeness that is Dexter. Just, wow.

Tomorrow I get to pick up the last episode from Season 2 from the library. I can't even express how giddy I am to find out how the season ends. I remember back to when I saw the episode of The Sopranos when Janice shot Richie. She fired the gun and I was so shocked. I was sitting in my living room watching it and called out to my wife who was quietly reading a book in the bedroom. "Honey," I yelled. "Janice just shot Richie!"

I knew as I said that how into that show I must have been to assume that someone who hadn't ever even watched an episode must be told exactly then about that momentous development in the show. All things considered, what a silly thing to get all excited about. But still, there it was. Something on T.V. that was awesome and worthy of an "Oh, my God!"

That's just how the second to last episode of Dexter: Season Two ended for me. Had my wife been awake, I would have included her in the moment, had she cared or not. Lila finds the cabin. She hears Doakes' voice. Oh, my God. How will this end? Well, I get to find out Thursday night. I'm giddy.


monstermash said...

I loved that episode of the Sopranos! I was so shocked she did it... and happy, because Richie was such a prick. Vengeful much?

Do you ever watch NCIS? Nothing more shocking than when Ari shot Kate!

heartbreaktown said...

Dexter is an amazing show! I just finished season 3. Season One knocked me off my feet from the first episode! Season two & season started slower but got more and more intense til my stomach almost hurt. Okay - so perhaps I get a little too emotional, but tv is still an art form if done well and art is supposed to move us so I don't feel ashamed!

Enjoy the rest of the show!

Paige said...

Monstermash: OMG!! I hated that episode!!! Was NOT happy they killed Kate off.

monstermash said...

They won points for shock factor.