Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Obama, Steely Dan and Rex L. Camino. All cool.

I saw a great tweet a few minutes ago on Twitter:
@tomdevine: Obama pre-news conference music: Steely Dan. He's now officially our coolest president

And I was instantly reminded of one of Rex L. Camino's best posts ever. Rex stated how one cannot listen to a song like "Babylon Sisters" and not find his walk affected. There are no hurried movements, no clumsy lumbering around while Fagan and Becker work their magic and their cool. One can only glide, or as Rex says, "creep."

“Babylon Sisters” causes me to unintentionally creep around, and this only amplifies my already cat-like ability of movement. I often have the misfortune of sneaking up on people. ... the rest>>

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The Old Man and His Dog said...

Steely Dan=cool. Kids these days will never get it. they are too closed minded. They can only get into hip hop and rap. To like several genres is almost unheard of now. It's one of the many reasons I always read your blog.

Over and out.