Saturday, May 12, 2007

12 Hour Virus Hits Family of Four, One Day At A Time

Tuesday night through most of Wednesday: Ari sick (Paige stayed home with her)

Wednesday night through most of Thursday: Joshua sick (I went to work late to stay with him)

Friday all day: me sick (I worked half a day and was sent home early)

Saturday morning: Paige not feeling so good

What a week!


melusina said...

Oh man, what a nightmare!! I hope things will quickly get back to normal in Chez Bez. Perastika!

ceeelcee said...
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ceeelcee said...

What can I do to help y'all? I'm thinking of send you a Dominos pizza, but if there's something else you all need, let me know.

chez béz said...

Thanks for the offer. We should all be healthy and happy by morning though.

That is, unless it's the dog's turn now.