Saturday, May 19, 2007

I Hope You White Stripes Fans Had Fun Last Night

I was tempted to call off work and secure tickets for the show. But I was a good boy and played the part of company man, instead.

I won a Wal-Mart gift card in excess of $100. I was tempted to buy toys for me, but we're tight this month. I'll buy music or computer related stuff another time. We'll get groceries with this one.

All's well. I'm listening to The Beautiful South in this peaceful time after work and before bed. The new issue of Paste magazine came in for me today. I'm thankful for my simple pleasures.

This is just writing for the sake of writing. I've been content but uninspired lately. Doisneau's famous shot is on one wall and I'm thinking it's been a while since I've kissed my wife like that. (I'll remedy that soon.)

As late as this past afternoon, I finally discovered Death Cab For Cutie. I'm the last person to do so, I know. I downloaded the recent All Songs Considered podcast and was treated to a live show by them. That band is awesome. I'll have to dig into their body of work now.

If I could vacation anywhere right now, I'd not hesitate in driving to Montreat, N.C. with family, camera and notebook. There's more to write about that wonderful retreat later. It deserves better than this midnight stream of consciousness approach.

For now, I'll keep clocking in and parking cars.


introverted one said...

Sigh . . . my wife and I used to work at the Montreat Conference Center and live in Black Mountain, NC. We miss that place dearly. Maybe, when she is done at Vanderbilt Divinity School we'll move back.

Lynnster said...

I wanted to go see the Stripes really bad too. But I get off work late most Fridays and it would have been 10:00 or later before I could have gotten there. If it'd been today instead of yesterday I'd have been there for sure.

Melissa said...

The White Stripes show was amazing. Go on and hate me. I can take it.

chez béz said...

introverted one: Sighing right there with ya. I'm feeling really drawn to Montreat now. Looking at pictures of it on flickr isn't helping matters either.

lynnster: Next time they play, we need to make a blogger meetup out of it.

melissa: I can't bring myself to hate you for it. Well, maybe for a minute or so. ;)

Bekah said...

I been thinking bout my doorbell when ya gonna ring it... when ya gonna ring it?

chez béz said...

You don't seem to come around
Point your finger and make a sound
You don't seem to come around
Knock knock since you knocked it down?