Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I have two wonderful boys. I also have this other child who has this finger that I am wrapped around. In recent months, I've been lucky to watch her little personality start to make its grand entrance to the world. Age two finds baby left behind and little girl find and stand her ground around these parts. "I do it myself" is a phrase that accompanies absolutely every task. Her big brother is happy with the status quo that finds his parents assisting in daily doings, but Miss Independent is preparing for a life of self-sufficiency. It seems that the only time she demands government interference is when big brother is bothering her. "Joshua pushed me!" she cries from across the room, and we parents investigate. Sometimes he is guilty as charged, but sometimes he is rooms away, playing quietly and falsely targeted. (Gonna have to watch this one.)

When Joshua is moved to cry about something, he makes a big fuss about it. He gets like a Tony Scott film and just goes all out, displaying no subtlety or gentle nudges to the viewer. Ari, however, gets her direction from a more quiet and independent production. Sometimes minutes go by before I figure out that something might be less than wonderful for my little sweetheart. I'll look up from whatever I'm doing and find her back turned and her arms covering her face. I move around to approach her and gently move her arms away and see tears streaming down her silent face. And, of course, I am crushed; I pull her to me, hold her and ask what's wrong. Her mute button is pressed once again and the volume is loud as she sobs her concerns to me. I simply console. For all of her independence, it gives so much more value to the times that I can help her with a simple hug.

A recent highlight for me is her appreciation for my song choices as I sing her to sleep on those occasions when I am home at night.
  • "You Are My Sunshine" - Gene Autry
  • "Octopus's Garden" - The Beatles
  • "Golden Slumbers" - The Beatles
And then we sing a few that I've made up just for her. There is no doubt that we'll have tough times ahead. It's guaranteed. Hopefully, these are the days that will keep us strong forever. She's two years into a life where she'll find so much to deal with. She'll have successes and failures. She'll laugh a lot, and she'll cry more than she deserves. What she will always be able to count on is unconditional love from her family. I'm proud to be there for her.
We would be warm below the storm
In our little hideaway beneath the waves
Resting our head on the sea bed
In an octopus's garden near a cave
We would sing and dance around
because we know we can't be found
I'd like to be under the sea
In an octopus's garden in the shade

-Octopus's Garden
© 1969 Northern Songs. All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured.


Leesa said...

Beautiful :)
All little girls should be so lucky :)

Melissa said...

you and the tear me up posts need to quit. lol.

melusina said...

Yep, and I'm crying now too, and missing my own daddy. =p