Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lots O' New Yorker Links

  • President George W. Bush has said of Condoleezza Rice, “Whatever she says, it’s like talking to me.” ... more>>
  • The female hip-hop trio Yo Majesty, from Tampa, Florida, is composed of Shunda-K, Jwl. B, and Shon-B, who bill themselves as “the only openly lesbian rap group.” ... more>>
  • Taxation is bad and Communism is evil. ... more>>
  • When, in late 1948, his play “Summer and Smoke” failed on Broadway, Williams’s confidence dipped still further; he felt, he said, like a “discredited old conjurer.” ... more>>
  • “Today I Got Married” is a jaunty and highly idiosyncratic celebration of nuptial bliss (“She’s just like Wal-Mart when it comes to loving / She’s got everything I need”). ... more>>
  • Then, as the movie began, I realized that a child with a cell phone represents what DreamWorks Animation, the producer of this most lucrative of franchise animated features, envisions its audience to be—tiny, pre-corporate techies who live far from the fairy-tale emotion of enchantment. ... more>>
  • I have been called a voluptuary, a sybarite, a hedonist, a creep. I am all of these things. ... more>>
  • In Prison ... more>>

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