Sunday, November 04, 2007

Eye of the tiger? Um, not quite a tiger. Maybe a meercat.

With all of the talk of this week's NFL undefeateds going up against one another, every paper breaking down the matchup between the 8-0 Pats and the 7-0 Colts, Brady-Manning, Belicheck-Dungy, I got to wondering about those two NFL teams on the other side of the radar. How about the winless Miami Dolphins and their cellar dweller counterparts, the St. Louis Rams? Are they playing each other this year? Could there be a matchup determining which of the two would remain all-beaten just as the Colts-Pats game should reveal who of the two will remain unbeaten? Nope. There is no matchup of the hapless in sight.

However, the Fins and Rams do have one more thing in common besides a big fat zero in the win column. This is the one week guaranteeing no more harm to either franchise. Both have byes this week. I wondered if anyone else was writing about this shared sigh of relief for both teams. One quick search found that Bryan Burwell of MSNBC had a few thoughts about the matter. Read and enjoy his take here.

While most of us will be rightly fixated on watching Indy and New England face off in what is likely Part I of a two part matchup (a post-season slug-fest seems destined), morbid curiosity begs the question: Who of the two worst in the league is just a hair enough better to walk away a winner after 60-minutes of thus far poor football? It doesn't have to be televised (thank God), but I think even the players for those teams would like to know. Like Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed at the end of Rocky III, throwing punches behind closed doors, no one knowing but them how it would turn out, these two very real - and really bad - football teams should find a dome that is not being used this weekend, line up, and find out which of them is not quite as bad as the other. It's my guess that the Rams would win, but no one would be able to walk away from the game with any swagger. Still, I'd like to see it.

They'll both get some regular season wins soon enough. Or not soon enough for them, I guess.

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