Saturday, November 03, 2007

Talents not necessarily hidden, just maybe unnoticed.

It's tucked away downstairs, far from the eyes and ears of the hotel guests. I like changing from my work clothes to my street clothes in the locker room around the corner and hearing the sound of a fellow worker playing that old abandoned piano. Sometimes I finish dressing and exit in time to see who is bringing life back to forgotten beauty and sometimes the player has left before I open the door.

It's nice to recognize people's talents and passions. More importantly, it's nice to assume that there is more to a person than the job that they do. He might sweep the floors or bus your table, deliver your room service or, like me, drive you in from the airport or carry your bags to your room. All honorable jobs, but never the whole picture. I hope I always remember this as I go through life: being served at restaurants, paying parking garage attendants, waiting in line at various retail counters. These people are always more than their name tags might otherwise indicate.

Last night, the piano played a familiar piece of music as I tied the laces to my shoes. Who it was, I don't know. Maybe a waitress, always hurrying with your drinks, but hearing Debussy's calming music in her heart. Or maybe the head housekeeper, keeping your lobby clean while on the clock but also keeping the memory of how to play "Claire de Lune" fresh and clean in his head when off the clock. Whoever it was last night, what was played made for a wonderful coda to the end of a long, hard night of work. Thank you. Your talent is beautiful.


Leesa said...

These are great words.. makes you think and appreciate.

holly said...



Anonymous said...

i'll never forget when you were a
much younger person, sitting next
to your grandmother while she
played the most beautiful classical
music - also the great songs of the
Broadway plays and the music of the
'60s and '70s. you just sat there
in awe of her playing so very well.
she was like bobby - never took the
first music lesson, she played by
ear. she'd hear a song the very
first time and from then on, she
could play it with both hands and
also her feet on the pumps. she
was quite a woman, wasn't she?
love - mom

Grey said...

far to many people go unnoticed in this world... If only we slowed down long enough to actually listen and see those around us... what a much warmer place we would be in.

well written!

Marianna said...

Leesa sent me... this is beautiful. I agree with Grey ~ we forget to just slow down & appreciate what's around us.


Redhead Editor said...

Leesa sent me (although I know to come occasionally). What a great message. A gentle reminder of who's around you every day. Dig deeper than a nametag. Breath taking.

Stacie said...

What a beautiful post! I agree, so much more to people than their nametag suggests, for the most part I remember this, but once in awhile, I need a reminder.

Here by way of Leesa...

Anonymous said...


Sent via Peace of My Mind as well.

Newscoma said...

How lovely.