Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I think they call this a roundup.

She loves her Dawgs and I love her. Give her a read and leave her a comment if you like.

One reason I love this online thing? I know this wonderful friend from Big Sky Country.

Stealing the best quote from a post I just read: "I just ordered two Newcastles and two juice boxes at the same bar. It was weird."

Wanna hear Mick Jones' latest project? Listen to this episode of the Pop Candy podcast. Some know him from The Clash. Some know him from Big Audio Dynamite. His latest band is called Carbon/Silicone.

On a personal note, I parked a lot of cars for free tonight at the hotel. People should really tip, but they rarely do. The last car was nice, though. U2's How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb played in the owner's CD player and I got to sit back and have a listen to "Crumbs from our Table." The song itself is about much larger issues than the life of this writer/bellboy, but its lyrics resonated nicely with me in regards to the lumps I so politely take most nights as I go about trying to provide for my family with equal parts smiles and subservience.

Thanks for reading. This blog is absolutely unimportant in the grand scheme of things, but I enjoy writing for it some nights as if it's everything I have to offer. So it's a nice way to close my nights.

Thanks again,



holly said...

It's become a nice way for me to close my nights, too. Thanks.

introverted one said...

It's not too bad of a way to open up my days. ;-)

Thanks for writing!

Svenyboy said...

I can't say why, but I love that photo.