Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'll dance to that.

Read this excerpt from a story on Marketplace (audio in the link) about a nightclub in Rotterdam that is taking global warming concerns seriously.

Mike: We've called it "harvest your energy." With the electricity-generating dancefloor, we're trying to use that power that you've got to power the lights.

Rico: I guess my question is: If you've got a club that's even partially powered by dancers, what happens if the DJ really sucks, and nobody wants to dance?

Mike: (laughs) Yeah, that's a lost night; you should go home.

Meanwhile, back at Worm, a band called Pourquoi Me Reveiller rocks a crowd of 100 people. Some might not know or care the club's walls are made of recycled real estate signs. But Mike van Gaasbeek, chef de ping-ping, doesn't mind. The only thing that bugs him is calling the signs "recycled."

van Gaasbeek: It's actually "upcycled" because it's having a better life. It was in a dull office building, and now it's in a cool club.

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