Saturday, January 05, 2008

All Things Jotted Down

"Fool's Gold" by The Stone Roses still sounds cool as hell.

Jane Siberry, who is now Issa, intrigues me. She deserves my full immersion into her artistry. Too bad her website, crisp and clean, simply confounds me for now.

"Dieting for Dollars"
It's the economy, stupid.

"How To Look Good Naked" was on Lifetime tonight. I wanted to watch that. Again, again, again... You're beautiful. Stand proud. You look better than you think. We men don't see what you see. We love you and we don't notice your "problem areas."

I'll hit my local library and see if they have the following:
  • The How of Happiness
  • The Geography of Bliss
  • The Loss of Sadness
Singer Sia Fuller has signed with Starbuck's Hear Music label for her release, Some People Have Real Problems

I need to see if I can find East Village Radio online. (Found it!) DJ Mark Ronson, lover of all things horns and producer for Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen, apparently has a show there. His interview on All Songs Considered with Bob Boilen is beautiful.

Back to Bukowski. "Home Run" from Hot Water Music flows through my veins tonight. I'll sleep when I'm dead.


holly said...

You are so, so cool.

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

I wish what you said about how men see women's body were true for all men, BUT, I beg to differ. I think if you are married and love your wife you love her body no matter what. Bodies age and change with time, that's to be expected and any mature, decent guy is goingto accept that his wife looks different at 35, 48, 57 than she did at 23. BUT...the single men out there that are currently looking for a woman to date seem to EXPECT a great body. I've seen it, heard it and experienced it time and time again and know plenty of beautiful, smart and fun single women who would agree with me. I have quit dating because I am still pissed off and hurt by a guy who recently told me I was not "thin" enough. If he were the exception and not the rule, that would be one thing....but he's not.

Anyhow, I guess you can tell you hit on one of my pet peeve topics :)

Katie said...

You pretty much rock. :)