Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chinese Democracy

While I love that Nada Surf has joked about naming their new album Chinese Democracy just to piss off Axl, I'm really excited about any news of the completion of Axl Rose's decade long project.

I read today at that it's completed and it's just a matter of negotiations with Geffen. There have been rumors of the album being released as Radiohead's latest was, via the pay-what-you-like model. Those rumors are unsubstantiated and pretty much impossible. $13 million has already been spent recording the thing and no way will Geffen take that kind of risk on it.

What made me read twice was this: "Profit margin is higher on CDs than it is on digital tracks, so I can’t see the label agreeing to a digital-only or digital-first release."

That surprised me. I figured that the profit margin was always higher on a digital release than on a physical CD release what with all of the packaging and shipping and such. Shows what I know.

Anyway, I admit that as much as I despise Axl (take your pick on reasons he killed the band with his terrible ego), I think he's a great talent. Slash's wonderful autobiography makes many mentions of that fact. I'm ready to be wowed by Chinese Democracy.

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