Sunday, January 20, 2008

From the mouths of babes...

I'm watching Grand Theft Parsons the other night and Ari comes into the room and sits in my lap. The movie makes a few quick references to Joshua Tree. She picks up on her brother's name being mentioned and exclaims excitedly, "They said Joshua's name!"

"You're right," I say. I congratulate her on being perceptive.

Then, she adds, "I wish they'd say my name."

I smile, hug her, and reassure her that I say her name all of the time when I'm talking about her to my friends at work.

She giggles like I've been joshing her and says, "Oh, daddy. You don't have any friends."

I guess I can see why she'd think that. Her mom and I really do need to improve on our social circle. But it feels like a burn nonetheless.

Indignantly, I tell her, "As a matter of fact, I do have friends. Lots of friends even."

She pauses and gives me a look that may be kindness or may only be pity. She doesn't believe her daddy.

"You can play with my friends, daddy."

Well, it is nice of her to share.


holly said...

Ari is so cool. So is Gram Parsons. Johnny Knoxville, not so much, but surprisingly tolerable in that movie.

Barbara said...

THIS CRACKED ME UP! Its funny, sweet and innocent all at once.

Anonymous said...

When I had the girls over for the spa party last Friday, I told my son that some friends were coming over for a party. Apparently, he doesn't think I have friends either because when the adults showed up he kept asking where the friends were? He was, of course, expecting children to come to my party!

Anonymous said...

see? this is how i can tell i'm not ready for parenthood. my response would've been something akin to, "i may not have friends, but i least i don't wet the bed," or something like that.