Tuesday, January 01, 2008

As the dogs play, so should the Dawgs.

I have an English bulldog named Georgia who used to play with a former neighbor dog, a Jack Russell terrier named Zoey. It was always awesome to watch these two knuckleheads play together on the hill just outside our apartment building. Georgia, true to her breed, was all muscle and no speed. Zoey was just the opposite. They'd chase each other around and around, Zoey always getting the better of my slow-mo loper.

Zoey's owner always left the leash attached to her collar while we'd talk and watch the doggies play-fight on the green, green grass. Our Georgia finally got wise and figured out that she didn't have to catch up with Zoey, just her leash. Once Georgia got the end of the leash between her teeth, Zoey's ability to go wherever she wanted to go ended. Watching the dynamics of these two animals, figuring out how to play to their strengths, was always so fun and interesting.

I was reminded of this today while thinking of tonight's matchup between the Georgia Bulldogs and Hawaii's Rainbow Warriors. You've got UGA, who runs first, passes conservatively, and plays smash mouth ball as well as anyone else in football right now and you've got UH who plays a strike-fast, run and shoot offense that is likely to score 50+ points in any game. My unsolicited advice to UGA is this: If they are my bulldog and Hawaii is my neighbor's Jack Russell, then they just have to grab that leash and not let go no matter what. Dictate through strength where they may lack in speed.

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Anonymous said...

as of this moment, the game isn't
over, but the score means that it
is. Paige's Georgia beat my Hawaii
by an unbelievable score. i was
over at Jim's tonight to watch the
game with Janet and Rusty (they
said to tell yall hello). at least
this is the first major bowl game
we've ever played in and of course
we were undefeated in the regular
season. so Paige - go Dawgs! yall
deserve the win. the way the
Warriors looked out on the field,
you can tell that i used to go to
school there! LOL
love - mom