Friday, September 19, 2008

Another post about walking.

Another day, another 4.2 miles walked to start it. I walked from home this morning to Lebanon Pike with the intention of catching the 10:00 bus to downtown Nashville. I missed it by that much. As soon as I turned left from Central Pike, I saw the bus making its way away from me.

It was a strategic mishap on my part. Had I skipped the library, I would have made it. Had I crossed immediately, I would have been at a point where it might have stopped for me. Oh well. Instead of waiting there for the next bus to come (forty-five minutes and I don't stay put very well), I chose to walk down Lebanon Pike and see how far I'd make it before the next bus arrived.

Approximately fifty minutes later, I found myself at the corner of Lebanon Pike and Donelson Pike. I sat down, waited about five minutes or so, and boarded the 10:50 to downtown. Relaxing in an air conditioned vehicle traveling about 40 m.p.h never felt so good. I had walked four miles in the time it takes most drivers to get to Chattanooga from here. My feet were humbled to consider that.

Anyway, I finally got downtown and walked around with camera in hand. I took exactly zero pictures but did have the good fortune to finally meet fellow blogger and Twitter user, Joel. I then hung out for a bit at TPAC and followed, replied, and direct messaged Twitter friends. The earlier walking left me in no mood to explore downtown. I later took the 12:50 airport express which dropped me off at my hotel near the airport at 1:30. Twenty-five minutes later, I was showered, changed, and clocked in, ready to begin the getting paid portion of my day.

I was gonna go back Friday, catch the close bus and take pictures, but at this point, I think I'll just sleep in, recuperate a bit more from last week's surgery, and save my energy to explore another day.

Now, I'm resting on the floor with my back against the couch. My five-year-old has just gone back to bed and I'm watching (listening) to a Thelonious Monk concert DVD. It's beautiful.

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