Friday, September 12, 2008

Gimme Shelter

I watched Gimme Shelter for the first time tonight. My television choices consisted of that, Metallica's Some Kind of Monster, and a movie starring my crush, Piper Perabo, with the following description:
While walking to the altar, a bride (Piper Perabo) locks eyes with another woman (Lena Headey) and is inexplicably attracted.
Although that seemed quite intriguing, the Stones won tonight. It's just too important a rock-doc for this thirty-eight year old music lover to pass up.

I told a friend I was watching it and she said she expected a review here afterward. Well, I've got some codeine running around inside me tonight and details are fuzzy at best. I'm pretty sure I liked it. Getting a peak into the preparation of a big (and free) rock concert is always interesting for me. Watching promoters and managers make necessary phone calls regarding things like parking and permits and other boring yet crucial details fascinates this fan of all things music.

I came in at the point where a young Tina Turner was absolutely wowing a crowd with her beautiful and soulful wailing. Soon after, Mick and crew graced my TV. Such an attention hog himself (like any good rock frontman should be), Mick Jagger worked to tease the crowd making mention that he was bouncing around so much his trousers were in danger of falling down. There wasn't much response from the crowd so he said it again. Getting the desired reaction of cheers this time, he was free to move onto the next song.

I kind of faded near the end but I got a sense of the whole Hell's Angels scene. I vaguely recall Mick scolding some folks for behaving violently and then the movie was over. Next time I'll watch it with a clearer head.

Now to look for Piper Perabo clips on YouTube. Have a nice night.


jane q. public said...

Off-topic, but my dad had to pick Tina Turner up at the airport once and apparently she was playing with his hair and flirting with him. I don't know what's more amazing - Tina Turner flirting with my dad, or my dad having hair.

We'll all be gone from this earth one day, but Keith Richards will still be right here.

ron said...

I've been thinking about finding a decent copy of Cocksucker Blues on YouTube, just to watch another Rolling Stones documentary. Staged though most of it might be.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Ah yes, Its a classic for sure I watched it about a week ago. Glad you enjoyed it. I will now proceed to the big V post to see how you faired...

Melissa said...

I saw the Piper Perabo movie. It's pretty good. Maybe you'll get around to it one day.

Holly said...

I love that movie for a couple of reasons, one happy, one not so happy. The first is the footage of Gram Parsons, though it's usually just his back. The second is the ending with Mick watching the footage of the stabbing--the look on his face is just chilling.