Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back to the peas.

I'm a bad boy. My urologist told me to stay on my couch for a few days and not lift anything heavy for seven. Within a day of last Friday's little surgery, I was on my feet picking up the kids' toys, vacuuming the floor, and pretty much breaking all rules pertaining to my recuperation. I walked six miles on Sunday just because I was bored, restless, and, admittedly, in a pissy mood. Monday found me following orders a bit better and I was feeling quite healthy "down there."

Waking up Tuesday morning, I decided to walk a couple more miles before going to work. So with backpack on back and camera in hand, I ventured out to get some fresh air and maybe some pictures, too. I dropped off some books at the library and continued on Central Pike to Lebanon Pike. Again, I appreciated the not-yet-ready-for-cars portion of the bridge where I had several lanes safely to myself after successfully crossing an earlier bridge with pretty much no shoulder at all.

With another four miles or so between me and the workplace, I decided to take the bus for most of the journey. The plan was to take it from Lebanon Pike at the Kohl's and Target store to the McGavock intersection. At that point, I'd only be a mile or so from work and happy to have the experience of riding the bus. Once I neared McGavock, I changed my mind and stayed on all the way to downtown. It was still a couple of hours before my shift and I thought it might be good for me to wander around and play with my camera for a bit. Then I could take the bus back in an hour or so.

Of course, all of the potentially awesome shots were seen through the windows of the moving bus. On a construction site, several workers were gathered together underneath a large tractor trailer, hiding in the shade and enjoying their lunch break. I saw a few other great photo ops as well, but was in no position to act on them. When the bus arrived at its destination, I wandered around with camera ready for more brilliant captures. I saw nothing. I took lots of pictures anyway, but just for the sake of doing it. I'll share some of them in my next post.

Anyway, after about an hour of this, I caught the airport express and then took the hotel shuttle to work. I still felt quite fine despite not following my doctor's orders better than I had. Once clocked in, it was my first luggage carry that did me in. I'll play the part of gentleman and spare you the details, only sharing that I paid the price the rest of the evening and walked with a most gingerly gait and with gauze and Neosporin always very nearby.

I was going to go downtown again Wednesday to try to get some better pictures, but having learned my lesson about not listening to doctors, I think I'll put that off until Thursday. Wednesday morning before work will be dedicated to me staying on my couch, listening to Wagner, and keeping that famous bag of frozen peas very, very close to me. Doctor's orders.


monstermash said...

And if you heard thunder at the time of your doing in, it wasn't thunder...It was a collective grumble of a bunch of bloggers saying "I knew he shouldn't have been doing all of that".
Be well :)

The Old Man and His Dog said...

You know, I never listened to Dr's orders either until I had my Vas done and then I adhered to the orders. That was one area I wasn't going to take a chance on! That too was the beginning of my love affair with frozen peas. It was a short but very satisfying affair and in the end I didn't have to give her HALF, like I did with my Ex. Feel better.

peach said...

I'm so sorry but I am having a giggle at your expense. I do hope you and your "parts" do get to feeling better soon. Like my friend, David, I'm sure you will never be able to look at frozen peas the same way again. :)