Friday, September 19, 2008


I took a picture of the Bush Legacy Bus the other day. Honestly, I was only thinking about the bus when I took this, but I bet the lady in the shot thought I was taking a picture of her. Here's hoping she was flattered and didn't think me to be a "weird, creepy dude with camera."

Anyway, she's got what folks call "cameradar." Click the pic for the large size. There's no sneaking up on this gal.

Here's a better shot of the bus. Stop sign. See what I did there? Clever blogger. :)


Newscoma said...

I love the stop photo.

Gnightgirl said...

I rather think she has a "come hither" look to her.

Milla said...

Yeah, the woman is totally posing for you. It's like she wanted for you to take a pic of her. :D

chez béziat said...

I totally wonder. Striking a pose, she is.

susan said...

That Stop sign is brilliant.