Monday, September 08, 2008

"Protect Ya Neck," say the Wu-Tang Clan. I really should do that.

For a week or so, I've had the most terrible pain in my neck. Any movement feels so restrictive. I can turn it maybe 45% or so and then it's a battle to turn it much more at all. My first thought was to blame it on my habit of drinking too many sodas each day. All that sugar! I have no substantiated reason to think that's the cause, but it's the only vice I have. What else could it be?

Then a friend suggested that it could just be stress. A quick search on the Internet did bring up a lot of talk of stress-related neck stiffness. Lord knows, I stress enough. I go on enough about the reasons why on this blog and I won't blather on more tonight. Anyway, maybe I just need a massage. It's been years since my last one. My friend thinks I'm stressing about my upcoming vasectomy. I don't think so. Weirdly, I'm kind of looking forward to that. Another experience, um, under my belt to ponder and write about, I suppose.

All these thoughts about my neck and what might be the cause of its limited ability to do what it does and the reason finally comes to me tonight. Last week I slipped on the kids' wet bathroom floor, the top of my six foot frame sliding and crashing down next to the tub and onto the thin rug by the sink. Surely that's the incident. I fell and now my neck hurts. My slight but week-long headache is from that slippery spill last week. Balance was lost and the ensuing hard fall has left a mark. Curiously, it's only now that I've put two and two together. It puzzles me that the obvious has eluded me this long. Too much soda? Too much stress? How about the fall, the crash of noggin to linoleum? Yep. That's gotta be it.

I'll take some aspirin and try to stop over-thinking every little thing that happens to me. Wait. I have a blog. Over-thinking is what I do. It happens and I share it. To what end I don't know, but I do it anyway.

Thanks for reading.


Holly said...

You might need to see a chiropractor. Or at least one of those mall chair massage dudes.

Either way, keep writing, and be careful!

The Old Man and His Dog said...

Yep, i agree with Holly. If you can swing it, it might help. I have a bulging disc in my neck and it bothers me oh once a month or so, but about three years ago I was out of commission from it for about 4 months. Went to the chiro and he fixed me up in about a month.

Also, don't sweat the Vasectomy. Mine was a piece of cake. In the Drs. office and back out within an hour. Left the office and drove over to the burger king for lunch and then went home and put a bag of frozen peas on the jewels. Was good to go until my youngest daughter decided it was a good idea to jump up on my lap the next day.

She was the reason I decided to get the vasectomy btw.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

OUCH! My neck hurts from reading about that fall – yes, I’d say that fall did more to you than you may even realize. I am all for chiropractic to fix short term problems so if you can, you should. I think massage is more beneficial over the long term….but more expensive. Either way I am impressed with you for getting a vasectomy. I love to hear about men who choose that option because females have to put up with SO MUCH it only seems fair that the dude undergo the knife when the time is right. Good for you! I’ve known a few guys who went through it and they all said its not that bad.

Heidi said...

Not being able to trace a pain to its source is more common than you might think. I believe I've read that when you experience a sudden trauma, the body releases biochemicals that mask the pain, I think it's endorphins. This would give you a chance to escape a dangerous situation. This is what gets boxers through a fight. The pain comes later, but you don't associate it with the incident. Who knows, there could be some fuzziness from the biochemicals too. I think I've read also that this may be the seed of the phenomena that results in repressed memories...that these neurochemicals also affect your memory surrounding a traumatic incident.