Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sitting on the couch, doctor's orders.

Because not every night can be beer night.

For those who are following along, I walked to the hospital Friday morning for my vasectomy. It was even more painless than I had hoped. I opted for the "no scalpel" technique and have been pleasantly surprised at how quick and simple the whole thing was. I read on a website that it's "simple, gentle, and elegant." I can't say that I was aware of any elegance, but I agree completely with those other two adjectives. All I felt was the initial pinch from the local anesthetic. Since the procedure, I've certainly taken advantage of pain pills but only as a precautionary measure. (A bag of frozen peas has been strategically placed as well.) All in all, recovery time has been wonderfully quick.

I will say though that I did faint during the procedure. It was a strange sensation for me to feel it coming on. I was talking with my doctor about the music on my iPod and then I told him I was feeling like I was going to faint. My next moment I was aware of was the big struggle for consciousness. I didn't think I had fainted, but felt like I was still fighting against it. In fact, I was only coming to. It's that fight to control my body that resonates still. I was trying to speak but couldn't find words. I was trying to sit forward but couldn't do that either. I probably achieved full awareness in only a matter of seconds, however, it seemed to take the strength of a lifetime to do so.

Anyway, I was glad to get back to the familiar. My doctor had finished the vasectomy and my wife was in the waiting room waiting to drive me home. I've lounged around the apartment these last couple of days, relaxing and watching football. I've gotten a bit stubborn at times and tidied up and vacuumed as needed, but for the most part, I've just done a bunch of nothing. (So much nothing that I've gotten bored and wished I was at work at times.)

In more good news, my dad is coming over Sunday to watch the Titans game with us. With any luck, he'll bring over some beer.


LeBlanc said...

After I had mine done, I felt so good due to the drugs I went out dancing. So for 2-3 days after that I lay on my couch in the fetal position cursing myself.

peach said...

Glad to hear you are doing well!! Hopefully, you got your beer.

Sharon said...

The STBEH (soon-to-be-ex-husband) said when he had his V, the urologist claimed one of the docs in the doc group (big group) did his own V.

Frozen peas...

Good for you for having it done. Be sure to take em your samples to make sure you're shooting blanks. Very important. Lotsa guys don't bother with that.

chez b├ęziat said...

Thanks all.

sharon: Yikes. His own? I can't imagine. Anyway, yes to the samples. The cups are on the shelf and ready. I look forward to verification in a couple of months.