Friday, September 12, 2008


I'm on doctor's orders to lounge around and lift nothing this weekend. Sure beats pushing a bellcart around the hotel lobby and looking for luggage to lift.

I'm scanning the TV listings and marveling at all of the football I'll be able to watch. I'm reminded of the '99 NFL season when I had every Sunday off. I saw every minute of every Titans game from the seats and the field of then-Adelphia Stadium. I was lucky that year and got to help NFL Films on the sidelines. Of course, that wasn't enough and when we'd finish with the Titans, my buddy Daniel and I would find the nearest sports bar and catch the afternoon games. God, I was a hardcore fan then.

Family and work and the rest of it all have taken a toll on my football Sundays and I know embarrassingly little about NFL personnel nowadays. (Ditka's still in New Orleans, right?) Anyway, I get to watch the Titans take on Cincinnati this Sunday. I've got Cincinnati roots and there's sometimes a conflict for me as to who I'm going to root for. Not this time. I wish Chad "Eight Five" Johnson well, but I see the Titans running and defending their way to a 2-0 start this week.

Vince Young's press conference today did a lot to make me feel better about him when he returns from his injury. He's here to win and he's committed to that. Until then, let's hope our receivers get better at their jobs while Vince heals and gets better at dealing with the stresses of being the man you get to boo if things aren't looking pretty.

As for my televised NFL choices after the game? We've got Pats-Jets on CBS and Falcons-Bucs on Fox. All I can say is, congrats to you local Bucs or Falcons fans. The rest of us will pretty much be watching the Brady-less Patriots take on the Favre-ful NY Jets. (Fox may as well broadcast that loop of that one Palin speech over and over for three hours. Oh, those were different speeches? They all sounded like the same line of crap to me.)

After that, the Steelers meet the Browns for Sunday Night Football. Eh. Even a matchup that doesn't excite me much is still a game I'll enjoy. I might know maybe five players between the two teams. I suck. Next year, I'll study the rosters better; I promise.


peach said...

Sorry to hear that you hurt yourself. Hope you mend quickly. Jealous as hell that you'll be lounging around watching football all weekend!! You gonna watch the GA game with Paige? :)

chez béziat said...

Well, it was a vasectomy, so at least it was a planned situation. ;)

I'll definitely watch th UGA game with my manic beauty. If she lets me have laptop access, I'll be following my Dores as well.

jane q. public said...

*ahem* I was put on this earth to turn people into hockey fans... You & your family are my next project.

chez béziat said...

Good luck. I've given it a try before and I haven't fallen in love with the game yet. Like it, don't love it.

Start with the little dude. He's probably your best shot at success.

jane q. public said...

You're going to need those frozen peas after I kicked you. And how do you know the womenfolk wouldn't be just as receptive to the game????

By the way, I challenge you to a duel.

jane q. public said...

*kick, rather. I can't go making typos when I sent an email to someone earlier tonight saying I was better with words than he.

chez béziat said...

A duel? Bring it. ;)

And I know womenfolk can be tough and awesome, but I know my wife's thoughts on hockey and Ari's way too much into princesses and tea parties. Of course, she could always surprise us.