Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Singing The Praises of Small Town Living

My dreams lie more in thoughts of enjoying the things that big cities have to offer. My lovely wife is more of a small town girl. I want excitement and she wants stability. I think that Nashville offers a nice compromise.

I get my small taste of urban life when I take the bus downtown, visit the Frist Center for the Visual Arts, catch a show at The Basement or Mercy Lounge, or enjoy classical music at Schermerhorn Symphony Center. She gets an easy pace and a nice quality of life that isn't often found in the New Yorks and Chicagos of the world. While I still get my little pleasures reading about New York's Hotel Chelsea, looking at photos online of subways and skyscrapers, and watching the webcams of Times Square, I realize that my wife is right. For our ever expanding family, what is best is what is found in Small Town, America. Cookouts, big yards, and friendly neighbors appeal to me. Room to breathe and a big front porch are soothing to the spirit.

Writing beautifully of life in scenic White House, Tennessee is my good friend at MonsterMash40 . Entitled "I Love a Small Town," this post is, as newscoma would say, "of the good." Read her words and know that she's good people.


monstermash said...

White House has a couple of hotels to work in...and sidewalks to get you there;)

The Old Man and His Dog said...

Exactly why we determined Nashville would be our next "hometown" as soon as we sell this confounded house.

The Old Man and His Dog said...

Yeah, you'd love the art, music, opera, plays and stuff like that here where I am, between Phila and NYC, but the hassle to get there and the crappy people you have to deal with kinda ruins the whole experience. Guess everything's a trade off.

You have more available to you than you think. You kind of have the best of both worlds.