Friday, September 26, 2008

We'll just call this my profound insight tonight.

That first hard blink after a good and unexpected cry is always so damn cold.

In other news, I watched Dexter, Season Two, Disc One tonight. Episode One was fantastic and the the following two are following a nice and very intriguing path. I'm conflicted though because Disc Three should be ready for me to pick up at the library very soon but I forgot to request Disc Two. I put in the request for it tonight but that puts me at 23 of 23 holds. I'm not sure I want to wait that long, however, I'm very sure I don't want to watch this unfold out of sequence. Maybe I'll just have to suck it up and get a video store card for the first time in probably a decade or more so I can watch this properly.

I was considering writing about classic concerns like money woes, who I am to my family, what am I doing for them, am I supposed to always be so worried and sad and... Well, you know, just more existential stuff like that. McCain, however, seems to have put the word existential into the Internet zeitgeist (currently #5 on the Google Trends page) after tonight's debate, so I'll just let him have the floor on that one for a bit.

Writing for the sake of writing, or typing for the sake of typing, I'm looking forward to viewing Classe Tous Risques . It's also soon to be available for me at the library. As with most of the things I request from the library, I don't remember why I requested it in the first place. It was probably mentioned in a magazine or a newspaper article sometime a month or two ago and I was moved or intrigued enough to look for it at the library. I expect I'll like it.

And now, with The Beatles' "Love" album playing and soothing my troubled little brain, I'll sign off for the night. Or soon, anyway.


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