Friday, September 16, 2005

Have A Nice Day

My wife is happy to know that Bon Jovi is once again coming to Nashville. No date yet, but they are coming. I took her to see them a few years ago for their Valentine's Day concert (try not taking your spouse to see her favorite band on that day of all days).

They played for just over two hours and I loved about 40 minutes of it. Seriously, that 40 minutes was awesome. They are great live; I just lost interest after awhile. They write some pretty amazing songs, but a lot of the tunes just trudge along, not really standing out.

Well, as much as I like to play the snob about really popular music, I have to admit that "Have A Nice Day" is a really catchy anthem. It rocks pretty hard and stays with you. Honestly, it's just "It's My Life" Part Two. Same feel, and equally well crafted.

This Monday night at Opry Mills IMAX theater, will be a live simulcast showing of them preforming live. Sounds like a neat idea. Several theaters across the country showing a live concert. One show, for the masses, on a huge screen. Not quite the organic concert experience, but close enough.

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Vickie, Les, Sydney & Sarah said...

What?! I thought you said Paige liked nothing but Country. Bon Jovi is quite a leap! Enjoy the concert. Our next concert event will be the Wiggles (YIPPEE!)