Saturday, September 10, 2005

Ladies...There Are No More Adult Male Single Beziats.

Today, September 10, was a day more beautiful than I have witnessed in a long time. Today, I wept. And happily. I was simply overcome. Today, my brother married the most precious, loving woman I can imagine. And so, this afternoon, their long, wonderful courtship became a marriage of two ever-loving hearts.

As I shared in their moment, watching them repeating their vows of love and devotion, I found myself remembering my own wedding. I saw Ashley looking into Evan's eyes, her face all aglow with joy. I remembered the same emotion from my wife's beautiful face as she committed all of herself to me three years ago. I'm typically a shy guy, pretty nervous in front of crowds and doubtful of my actions. But on my wedding day, I had no nerves. I found the girl who loved me, I loved her without measure, and I was getting to marry her. Why doubt love? It's there or it's not, and we've got it.

My brother had that same confidence and joy today. He was classic Ev, full of wit and good times. But he also had that steadfast dedication to what this day was all about. He, too, had found that girl. The girl who when she thinks of love, thinks of Evan. She has for a long time and she will forever. And he loves her completely. Quite simply, I am proud to share a life with them. They are the family I would pick for myself, time and time again.

Oh, and the reason I wept? And happily? Vandy is 2-0 on the season! And 1-0 in SEC play! Two straight weeks of doing it with last minute touchdown drives to win the games! What a day!

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Muffy Wong said...

Oh. My. God. Give your new sister in law my kudos and extreme envy for donning one of my favorite gowns by Monique Lhuillier.

Good choice. She looked exquisite.