Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ode To My Wife

Her birthday is soon to arrive and I hope she always knows how much I love her. She married me three years ago and all I am is humbled whenever I hear that sound of my wedding ring when I pick up a glass with my left hand. I am a hotel bellman and I often use my left hand to grab a bellcart with my left hand just to hear the sound of those wedding bells again. I love that they are always with me.

We've been tested for sure. No dramatic temptations of our fidelity. Nothing as would be scripted for the big screen to appeal to a mass audience. Just everyday busyness. She awakens for work a few hours after I come home from my work. Our schedules work for what we need, but they keep us at a distance from each other. A few hours together from time to time and we are assuredly too exhausted to behave for each other the way we did when we first met.

I regret that we don't have more time together, but we both seem to clearly see the bigger picture. In time, our kindness and patience of today will be rewarded. For now, I take our small moments and cherish them. I work each night knowing it's for the greater good. I think of the times I have needed her most, and she has come through without hesitation. I think of a time when I made a potentially costly mistake and she only supported me. A lot of people would not have been so kind as she. She has never nagged and we have never fought. Not counting a break, we have been together for nine years. And even when we broke off our relationship for a year or so, the breakup was the most kind and loving breakup one can imagine. It's no wonder we reunited.

She gives me strength and I always want to look and be my best for her. My flaws are not hidden to my wife. They are revealed with confidence. We joke that Jon Bon Jovi is her "get out of marriage free" card. But even in the silliness of that kind of talk, I can never commit to anyone for myself. No one measures up to her. Even fantasies don't rival what she gives me in marriage. ( I would settle for Mary-Chapin Carpenter, I suppose.)

Paige, you are a wonderful person. I value you for so many reasons, including your kindness, your compassion, and your smarts. Our kids are lucky to have you to love them and guide them through life. And, of course, you're a knockout.

Thanks for marrying me. Thanks for loving me. This wedding ring sounds great.


Femi-mommy said...

aw that was sweet as all hell! *wipes tears* cute cute cute

Scott & Julia said...

Wow, that's an awesome tribute to your wife. What a beautiful family you have. Congrats!

Chez Bez said...

Thanks guys. I appreciate that. A good friend or lover can help so much in life. I've managed to stumble into having both in one person.

melusina said...

That was beautiful. I cried, damn you!
And then I had to go kiss my husband.

You summed up good relationships well. I'm so glad there are other people out there who are blessed. Congrats to both of you and your wonderful family!

30Something said...

OMG.. got any single men like you for friends????? Cuz, you did know Im single right??? And I am sure if you knew ANYONE even half as good as you are to your wife you would SET ME THE FREAK UP RIGHT??!!

Great post, it was perfect.

Chez Bez said...


If you only knew my flaws the way my wife does.

I make about as much money as I did 17 years ago fresh out of high school. I can clutter up an immaculate room just by walking through it. Not only am I not a good multi-tasker, I'm not even a good tasker. Give me a list of 5 things you want me to do for you, and I might do one of them within a week or two. With help from you.

But I admit I am pretty awesome in other areas, so I'll take your compliment. If I think of anyone cool for you, I'll let you know.