Monday, September 26, 2005

What Has Four Legs And One Eye?

This is Georgia, our English Bulldog. She is of the Uga line, that famous line of mascots for the University of Georgia. She is my sweetie. I come home from work late each night knowing that the family will be comfortably asleep, but Georgia will be waiting for me to take her for a walk down our quiet street.

She has only one eye, and is thus called "the one 'eye' love." She was born blind in the other eye and the vet surgically removed it a year or so ago. She is skittish as anything, probably as a result of her impaired vision, and now deals with a two year old boy running around the house freaking her out each day and night. As most good dogs do though, she just puts up with his craziness and waits for us to direct him away from her. He has been better recently about being sweet on her. It's her reward for outlasting his wild times with her own peaceful patience.

The desire (and upcoming bad joke) is that we would like to be able to afford another dog and playmate to Georgia. Since she is a bulldog of the English persuasion, we want a French Bulldog. Then we could take them both out for walks together, the English so that she can go pee, and the French Bulldog so that she can go "oui oui."


Kat Coble said...

She is a CUTIE!

I imagine that the Uga line comes at a premium.

Muffy said...

Argh I'm tempted to type out the whole Peter Griffin "oui oui" scene but I'll spare you.

She is SO cute. Bulldogs have such endearing faces!

30Something said...

Omg, Micheal that is the cutiest thing I have ever seen! She is a beauty! AND, I must say you look very handsome in that blue shirt! wow