Friday, March 24, 2006

Among My Top Five Nashville Bloggers

Chez Bez likes:

Sam Davidson's blog: He's a great writer and a friend I'm always happy to see. I read his stuff and think things like, "Now, that's how to write." He writes about Darfur and he writes about Christianity and he writes about kindness and our duties in this world. He writes and I think about social consciousness. And I see him in person and I think of friendship and community.

Today, I read his post about how he sat next to a celebrity at someone else's speaking engagement and I left that page thinking highly of that celebrity. And then at Nashville Is Talking, I saw people beating up that same celebrity for allegedly just being there to raise his profile. I wasn't there, but from reading Sam's account, I think that celebrity might have been there for reasons that had nothing to do with profile, celebrity, or anything else like that. I believe he was there for the same reason that Sam was there: to hear someone talk about something important and to be a bit more enlightened for having listened.

Let's just focus on God and love and let all of that other stuff take care of itself. Let's love and let's help and let's embrace one another.

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Sam Davidson said...

a humble thanks.