Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Roller Derby Comes To My Neck Of The Woods

With names like Malice-n-Wonderland, Queen Dread and Sin Dixxxie, a few women are trying to bring roller derby to Nashville.

As about a dozen Nashville Rollergirls weaved in-and-out of other skaters at the Skate Center in Smyrna just for some Sunday afternoon fun, they were wearing T-shirts with "Hell on Wheels" emblazoned on them.

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I read this in the Tennessean yesterday and while I don't know much about the sport of roller derby, I do think that the participants must have a blast playing. More than the joy of competition, it seems from the article that one of the pleasures the ladies get from it is from the community aspect of it. I imagine stay at home moms and bored girlfriends looking for a way to let loose, have some fun, and make some friends in the process.

My wife played on an all girls football team when she was in high school, and if she had the time (and the knees) for it, I think she'd love being a part of something like this. Of course, a part of me just has fun wondering what we'd decide on for her evil and scary pseudonym. Speaking of pseudonyms, I think fellow blogger and friend, Bad Bad Ivy, already uses one which would work nicely in the world of tough roller girls like the ones aforementioned.

And aside from being a fun thing to do, I bet one upside to my wife playing tough would be of huge benefit in the parental area. After watching his mommy lay out an opponent in fierce competition, I'd hazard to guess that our little two year old would be much more hesitant about testing the limits around the house. In fact, I think a typical conversation would go something like this:

Mommy: OK, it's time for bed. I need for you to put your toys away, please.

Two year old: NO!

Mommy: Hey. Look at me. Remember what Mommy did to Malice-n-Wonderland last week? She didn't behave either. Now, are you going to put away your toys like a good boy?

Two year old (wisely reconsidering): Yes, Mommy. I love you.


Sam Davidson said...

This is a better idea than Super Nanny - Roller Mommy. You could set any kid straight!

gnightgirl said...

Hey, can't remember how I found you, but sub'd a few days ago. Great blog, great voice, great pix.

My parents met dance-skating back in the late 50s, so we were brought up on wheels. I'd pretty much forgotten roller derby though; it was televised in these parts at some point.

One thing struck me in the pic in the article you linked to: No wall on the floor. What keeps them from flying off the edge when they round the corners?!! Plus, don't you need a wall to elbow them over?