Sunday, March 12, 2006

There Goes Somebody's Miracle

Listening to Liz Phair singing "Somebody's Miracle", I think of all of the people who don't know their value to this world. They beat themselves up over supposed flaws and foibles. But in truth, they mean the world to others and no misstep will ever change that.

We are all somebody's miracle. That's nice to know.

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Boxset said...

Mike you have the greatest positive attitude! I wish more people I work with (we won't name names lol) had the same positive outlook you do. I get bogged down in the negative energy & cynicism that reading stuff like this is very refreshing!
Oh yeah, I won't mention how MIKE GRAY got to MEET Van Morrison & take him on a personal tour of the Ray Charles exhibit down @ The County Music Hall O/Fame! He said he was really pleasant - not too chatty - but seemed very interested in the exhibit.