Saturday, March 18, 2006

There's So Much I Want To Do

...if only I knew what it was.

Tonight, before these beers, I worked.

At work, I was among tattoo artists, horror movie actors,
and so many others who had found their niche. Beautiful thing,
that niche. Buk found his. Waits is living his. Mine is...

...around here somewhere. It's not behind a time clock, and I
don't think it's within this Powerball ticket. But...

...listening to Thelonious Monk do his thing with Charlie Rouse, I
know I'll find mine. It's behind that door marked FEAR. I'll open
it anyday now. I can hear friends and family cheering me on.

There's a lot of love in that sound.

1 comment:

BBLogan said...

Man... I just had a crazy idea for you. Take it or leave it... just thought I'd pass it on.

You know so much about music and artists. What if you blogged about new and old music / cds / artists? Review them, promote them, whatever... not sure if anyone else is doing it, but I'll be there's some music industry $$ to be had if you can get a following. Maybe hook-up with local papers / media outlets or some music pub like Paste or Performing Songwriter or Spin or something... to do a reciprocal promotion to bring traffic to your site. Or maybe even see if you could freelance for them. You'd be so good at it!

Just a thought. You just seem to have so much passion for music... might be kinda cool. And... it might not even feel like work.