Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Man Among Men, My Son

Quite simply stated, I am very proud of him. He's helpful and kind, he's thoughtful and carries with him a sharp wit and a command of wordplay I wish I had.

Over the course these last couple of days, he has managed to volunteer at the Nashville Rescue Mission, help family members move boxes in preparation for a move, diagnose the problem with a non-starting lawn mower so that he can mow the lawn as soon as possible, and help around the house with his very young brother and sister.

This is not the teenager the books warn about. He is a young man who is going to do just fine in the world. I'm proud of him and I'm proud to know him. And I know I'd never look this cool in a black cowboy hat.

1 comment:

judy thompson said...

you go, Christian!! your Grandma
Foxy is so proud of you also.
you're a good guy and you're just
about to turn 16 - hooray!!!