Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It's Just That Easy

Last night at work, I was chatting up a 50-something mom while helping her to her hotel room. Her daughter was parking the car and we got on the topic of how much her daughter loves her iPod and how she takes it everywhere she goes. I mentioned how my wife and I are saving so that we can find room in the budget for an iPod as well.

Flippantly, but kindly, the mom replies, "Well, they are everywhere. Just go down to Best Buy and buy one."

I imagine a blog from another time where someone says, "And then she said, 'Let them eat cake.' I mean, can you imagine?"

I guess things in her financial world are a bit different than things in ours. Must be nice. At least she made me smile.


Katey said...

I have to say, I too have envied and oohed, and often ahhed as well at friends iPods. I've jealously watched as my sister-in-law watched SNL video clips, and my brother listened to long-forgotten songs from our youth, and I just didn't think it was fair.

I took advantage of my first actual tax REFUND of the past few years, and decided I would put a small amount of it towards an iPod, which I just got last Friday, and it was well worth the wait.

When you do eventually get yours, it will really be worth the wait, and I know you'll enjoy it. Surely there is a podcast out there somewhere just for guys like you, (you know, democrats who read the New Yorker, and contemplate their first Sedaris-like novel as they wax nostalgic on the hospitality industry). Point being, yours will be much more appreciated than the young girl you spoke about.

Just think about my 17-year old cousin's coffee drowned 60-gig iPod that she killed after having for a mere two weeks. I know what you're thinking, it's the same cousin who didn't enjoy seeing Liz Phair.

Hurple said...

Ha! Talk about Synergy. I wrote about iPods today too. My musings weren't so kind, however.

SCHRmm said...

I never really wanted an Ipod, was looking out for a new record player cause I like vinyl...Could not have afforded one either, not in a million years. Then it gets to christmas time and out of the blue, just like that my boss has given me an Ipod. I was in shock! I still love records but the world of mp3 has opened up to me and I have to say, I enjoy it. Shame that all the office workers have one and having that bit of white comming out of your ears makes you look like another office prick...I hope yours comes falling from the sky to!