Friday, March 03, 2006

This Blog And Its Identity Crisis

Aside from the occasional dead actor, it seems that not much compells me to write lately. I feel that just linking to news stories I like makes me a lazy blogger and writing full on essays are temporarily beyond my reach. Posting pictures of my young ones is always nice, but with my work sked, I haven't seen them much lately. Let alone have them pose for pictures.

If I was home in the evening hours more, I'd likely be writing about how great My Name Is Earl is. I catch about five minutes of it in the workplace cafeteria from time to time and love everything about it. If I was writing about music, I'd say how much I love the new Liz Phair album. It was actually released in October of 2005, but that's still new to me. It's called Somebody's Miracle (NPR interview here) and it pretty much continues with the same sound that she used on 2003's self titled disc. For now, the song that grabs me most tightly is "Got My Own Thing." With lyrics like these, I love her.

Oooh boy
I'd love to help
Give you enough rope to hang yourself
And watch the silly things you do
Oooh boy
I'd love to help
Give you enough rope to hang yourself and
I hope you're swinging this way too
Boy I do

The lyrics are fun but the melody simply owns me. Ooh, I just saw that Liz has her own podcast. Can't blog now, gotta listen to Liz. You can, too. Here.

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Katey said...

Time and time again I find myself reading your blog, the stories entertain me. I really must say, the bellmen at the Sheraton don't offer nearly the entertainment that you do, none are well read, most speak very little English, and I really doubt I could ask one to let me borrow a copy of the New Yorker. But definitely, none of them appreciate Liz Phair, nor could I carry on a conversation with them about music in general.

I was in Atlanta over the weekend with my seventeen year old cousin, who told me she had recently seen Liz Phair, and really thought she was a slut. She just danced around on stage in a leather mini-dress and sat with her legs wide open, appealing to her male fans. Kristy's comments were certainly on-base, as this sounded like typically Liz Phair regalia. All I could think was, damn, you got to see Liz Phair, stop being so ungrateful.