Saturday, October 28, 2006

Bon Jovi Brings His Unfair Advantage to Nashville

Women across Nashville will be calling off work on November 6th this year. Are they making a point? Is there a protest of sorts going on?

Nope. Just an aging rocker making all of us other guys look bad. I've heard it said that his eyes are "dreamy," his body "sexy," and his hair...well, it's just unfair to compare his locks to ours. But, Jon "I'm sexier than Mike" Bon Jovi will be performing live downtown with Sugarland for Good Morning America. Bosses of women across Nashville should just accept that their estrogen wearing employees will be in a few hours late that morning. They should just smile politely when they hear phrases like, "He looked right at me!" and "Husband? What husband?"

Many years ago, when I was but a young teen nerd, my music industry aunt took me backstage to a Bon Jovi concert. I tried to impress my wife with this bit of info but it just didn't fly. Jon had gone straight from stage to hotel room, leaving me and others to meet everybody in the band except him. So I was cool, but I wasn't that cool. Sorry Tico Torres, but I bet you get that a lot.

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