Thursday, October 19, 2006

Mr. No-Depth Perception, Steve Wynn

By now, we've all read or heard about the $139-million "oops." Actually, it wasn't an "oops," but an "Oh shit, look what I've done."

Steve Wynn, hotel casino magnate, was showing one of his paintings, Picasso's La Reve, to some friends and managed to poke a hole in it with his elbow. He had agreed to a selling price of $139-million only a couple of weeks beforehand and had just, with one badly orchestrated gesture, killed the deal.

Remember Kevin Nealon's Mr. No-Depth Perception from SNL? Steve Wynn reportedly suffers from something resembling that. It's actually called Retinitis Pigmentosa. My eye doctor tells me that I have a similar affliction, which is why I don't go around buying Picasso paintings. The risk is just not worth it to me.

Surely we've all unintentionally damaged something of value. What's your favorite "oops" moment?
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Leesa said...

I dropped my first digital camera in water. Yeah, big oops. $400 oops actually. Killed it :(

Not my fault though, of course ;)

gnightgirl said...

After 1 or 2 glasses, I lose the ability to judge the length of the stem on a wine glass, and start slamming the thing down on the table. is that the same?