Wednesday, October 04, 2006

You Are A Refugee


You are a refugee.

This is your life. (Scroll down and click "View a flash preview of the exhibit.")

Go to Centennial Park between Oct. 4 and Oct. 8 to tour the simulation of a refugee camp.

Concurrent to this is a photo exhibit inside the Parthenon ending on Oct. 7. It is titled Doctors Without Borders: Photographs From Afghanistan 1984 - 2004.


Doctors group brings refugee camp exhibit here

Centennial Park will become a sea of tents as Doctors Without Borders simulates a refugee camp

Doctors Without Borders Nashville presskit


Muffy said...

Sounds intense, I wonder if they'll let us photograph it...

Chez Bez said...

Me too, Muffy.

I'm bringing my camera just in case.

I plan to go Thursday morning, but I retain all rights to oversleep and try again Friday.


Leesa said...

Wow...sounds amazing. I hope you get to photograph :)