Monday, October 02, 2006

He Plays Guitar

A couple of days ago, we visited Granddad. Like any good Nashvillian, Granddad plays guitar. On this visit, Joshua took special interest in the guitar in the corner. He strummed it a bit and asked if he could have one of his own. His mom and I gave him the non-committal, "We'll see." Some wants don't last long as his interests move quickly onto other things.

The guitar, however, stayed high on the list. For the next day or two, everytime Joshua's mom or I left the house, we'd hear, "Are you going to buy me a guitar?" or when he'd see me with any dollars in my hand, he'd inquire, "Do you have enough money to buy me a guitar now?"

And so, his mom went shopping this morning and came home with Joshua's first guitar. The three year old was ecstatic. All morning, he's been holding and strumming and picking. He's progressing nicely even though he keeps calling the pick a pickle. He's loving his guitar and it's great to watch him walk around the apartment with it.

The girls at daycare are going to love him.


Leesa said...

Gotta love a guy that plays the guitar. What a cutie :)

greekchickie said...

I forsee a long, music filled life ahead!